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How do I host a game?

Head to the home page where all games are listed, click on the game you'd like to play, then click the "New Game" button at the bottom of the page.

Take note of the 4-letter game code at the top of the screen, you'll need to share it with players who want to join your game. You can also view the room code at any time by clicking the ... button in the bottom left.

If it's easier, you can share the URL of your game with the other players. They'll join once they click it.

How do I join a game?

Head to the Join a game page and enter the 4-letter room code for the game, then click "Join". Anyone already inside the game room should see the code at the top of their screen, or by clicking the ... button in the bottom left.

The Join a game page will suggest any open rooms that contain players you've played with before, so that you don't have to type the code each time you want to play.

Your host can also share the URL of the game with you. Clicking it will allow you to join the game.

What are the rules for each game?

The games on this site are based on physical board games. While the site will guide you through each step of game play, it's useful to understand the basic rules of the physical version before jumping in.

You can find copies of the rules for each game below, or search the internet for a video tutorial.

Is shuffling on the site really random? I've noticed patterns!

I can assure you that any patterns you’re noticing are not really there. Randomness throughout the site is created using a standard pseudorandom number generator, which is (for all intents and purposes) completely independent from the state of the game and previous games. Technically it’s not truly random, but only someone with a maths degree and millions of documented games would be able to tell the difference.

You’re probably exhibiting confirmation bias, something all us humans suffer from. We also tend to latch on to coincidences that are really just expected turbulence in a sea of randomness. For example, if you play 10 games of Secret Sith with 10 players, the chance of everyone being Palpatine just one time each is only .04%. On the other hand, the odds of someone being Palpatine 4 or more times is 12.7% - 350x more likely!

Who can join my game? Can I make it private?

Generally, only people that you share your game code with can join your game, but there are exceptions:

You can't make games any more private than they are, but if there is an unwanted visitor then the host can kick them from the game by clicking the ... button in the bottom left.

Can I play with randoms on the internet?

Join the Discord Server to meet other players and start games with them. The games on this site are all social and require players to communicate with each other in some way, which is why automatic online match making isn't implemented.

How many players can join a game?

Player limits are documented on each game's page in a blue box below the title.

All games have a minimum player requirement, but only some have a maximum. If there is no maximum then technically you can have as many players as you like, but most games will be hard to play with more than 20 or so players.

Can I play on a device that isn't a phone?

Yes, you can use any device that has a modern web browser.